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Victor Piñeiro

Victor Piñeiro is a creative director and content strategist who's managed @YouTube and launched @Skittles, creating its award-winning zany voice. He's also designed games for Hasbro, written/produced a documentary on virtual worlds, and taught third graders. Victor is the author of TIME VILLAINS and its follow-up, TIME VILLAINS: MONSTER PROBLEMS.

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Time Villains: Monster Problems

Story Thieves meets Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library in the second book of this wacky, hilarious, and fast-paced middle-grade series. Can Javi and his friends stop Count Dracula from taking over the school?

With Blackbeard banished from their present time, life has gone somewhat back to normal for Javi, his sister Brady, and his best friend Wiki. And Javi can now focus on his favorite thing in the world: crafting extreme sandwiches. Except their beloved Principal Gale has to make an unexpected trip back to Oz, leaving the excessively strict and downright terrifying Ms. Vlad in charge.

With the school all kinds of doom and gloom the trio is desperate for some change. Luckily that arrives in the form of their new Vice Principal, Mr. Dragon. Mr. D is immediately adored by the students, especially Brady, and Javi's glad he wasn't forced to summon any historical or fictional folks from his magical table to get the school back on track.

Except something seems a little off about Mr. Dragon, and soon it's clear he isn't who he says he is. With Brady under his spell he's able to summon his monster crew to take over the town, and eventually the world. Javi's going to have to get his own team if he's going to stop their evil vice principal before it's too late.

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Time Villains

Story Thieves meets Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library in this wacky, hilarious, and fast-paced middle-grade series starter, with the perfect combination of magic, imagination, and adventure.

Javi Santiago is trying his best not to fail sixth grade. So, when the annual "invite any three people to dinner" homework assignment rolls around, Javi enlists his best friend, Wiki, and his sister, Brady, to help him knock it out of the park.

But the dinner party is a lot more than they bargained for. The family's mysterious antique table actually brings the historical guests to the meal…and Blackbeard the Pirate is turning out to be the worst guest of all time.

Before they can say "avast, ye maties," Blackbeard escapes, determined to summon his bloodthirsty pirate crew. And as Javi, Wiki, and Brady try to figure out how to get Blackbeard back into his own time, they might have to invite some even zanier figures to set things right again…

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